Marketplace Analyst

Ho Chi Minh - Marketplace

Job Responsibilities:

Identify new and scale existing processes to allow be Group to efficiently operate and realize growth.
Automate processes to drive operational efficiencies and improve marketplace reliability.
Dig in our data and use your analytic skills to identify opportunities and pitch new project ideas.
Take big picture ideas and break them into actionable steps, own processes end-end and constantly seek to improve them.
Push for and drive the implementation of high potential projects.
Work with cross-functional teams and other stakeholders to unblock business challenges.
Perform daily updates on team dashboards, key performance metrics, burns on promotion and incentive.
Execute promotion & incentive (communications) to drivers and riders.
Analyze incentive/promotion performance.
Participate in different projects: new product, new city launches.
Job Skills & Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Engineering, Business or similar field -- if you think your background brings something to the table, we want to hear from you!
1-2 years of Strategy Consulting, Engineering, Banking, Process Improvement, Business Intelligence or similar background in a large business or growing a startup is expected, but we will consider candidates with less experience if they meet our other requirements
Analytical rigor - Excellent excel skills, SQL and Python/R knowledge are preferred. We use data to inform our decisions; you'll quickly identify what data you need to resolve a problem and how to analyse it to get to your answer. You'll have experience dealing with complex data sets, deriving insights and checking against what you see in the real-world
High adaptability to change and ability to execute quickly
Speed, resourcefulness, and go getter attitude: be Group is committed to constant improvement. You’re excited to help create a product with value
Communication and collaboration skills
Eye for detail
Well-organized and can think in a structured way
Business curiosity - you love to learn and constantly seek ways to improve your understanding of the business and the tools you use. You share your learnings with your team and encourage others (and yourself) to take on new opportunities for further development