Senior Accountant Treasury

Ho Chi Minh - Finance

Job Responsibilities:

Handle receipt, banking. Ensure accurate maintenance of bank account, balance, bank/Treasury systems and bank cost information.
Responsible for direct bank relationship management.
Maintains database of global bank account details and facilitate documentation requirements. 
Analyzes bank fees as related to cash and investments and make necessary recommendations to control costs.
Negotiates financial terms with banks and finds appropriate work flows to reduce bank charges. 
Manage cash in-out flow of the company, ensure cash is available for disbursement. 
Prepare application for new credit line and making individual draw-down at banks. 
Maintain an efficient system of policies that adequately control treasury activities. 
Develop an annual budget for the company and create long-term projections based on departmental needs and upcoming capital projects. 
Assist the CFO of loans, liquidity and investments. 
Prepares variance cash flow analysis report and highlight major variances. 
Ensures treasury management reports, agreements and all other required documentations are reviewed and stored for record keeping. 
Provides recommendation to enhance treasury policies and procedures.
Liaises regularly with treasury management and divisions in order to understand ongoing changes in business activities and developments. 
Provides the CFO with adequate information to carry out his/her responsibilities.
Undertakes other related tasks and duties as assigned by CFO.

Job Skills & Qualifications: Good experience in treasury operations, cash management. Finance and accounting background. Very good excel and database skills. Strong analytical skills. Good communication skills and persuasion. Strong organizational skills. High degree of personal responsibility and being pro-active. Ability to work under high pressure and endurance. Teamwork. Well preparation and process for data details.

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